Business CMS Website Development

Every day more businesses are turning to a dynamically generated content management website for their business. It wasn’t that long ago that content management websites were used only for large websites that had mass content updates. Things have changed.

There is now more reasons than ever to go dynamic. Firstly, the setup costs for a content management website have reduced dramatically. An initial setup can start from $5,000 instead of $20,000. There are a number of globally trusted platforms that can be configured for any sized business. Secondly, the major search engines have got smarter and will now readily accept content from certain dynamic website systems and also give higher weighting to websites that are updated on a regular basis.

There is one other major reason why businesses of all sizes are heading in this direction. That is flexibility and control. A content management website gives control to the business to update their own website. Using login functionality to access the ‘backend’ of the website, businesses can update existing content, create new pages, load images and generally expand their website without the ongoing involvement of a web designer.

Additionally, the login functionality can be utilised to the next level, where different users can be setup with different access and update permissions, enabling your employees to update content on your website without having complete administrator prividges for the website.

Administrators? Logins? Permissions? Dynamic?

If it all sounds like to much, don’t be discouraged. We can configure your website to be user friendly. Anyone with basic computer skills can update and add content to the website. We provide written instructions regarding content updates for future reference in your business procedures. We can also assist with employee training where there is a number of users with the website.

When you begin to understand the capabilities of a dynamic content management website, it opens a wealth of business process improvements. With further configuration you can build online ecommerce portals, manage complete automated image galleries, create collaborative authoring environments, install forums, blogs and newsletters, or simply grow your website to be more useful and imformative for your customers.