Important Domain Name Facts.

Fact 1.

Australian domain names (.au) can only be registered for 2 years, no more or less. You must take particular notice of this with any domain registration promotion. There are many registration portals that advertise per year prices even though the minimum is 2 years. This gives them the appearance of being cheaper than the rest when they are not. If they cheat and mislead with this, what else aren't they quite telling the truth about?

Fact 2.

Our registration price is $88 for two years. Always make sure your renewal price is understood before choosing on a domain registration portal. There are some who will advertise a very low registration price for the first term, and then have renewal prices much, much higher. Their renewal price will generally be very hard to find on their website. Our renewal prices are the same as the initial registration or transfer price, for $88 per two years, .com/.net for $22 per year.

Fact 3.

Transferring your .au domain name to Aussie-Domains is free if you still have more than 3 months until your expiry, if less than 3 months to go, a registration renewal of $88 will be required to register for another 2 years. Global domains (.com) always require at least a 1 year renewal to transfer.

Fact 4.

Ensure that you have complete ownership and control of your domain name. With any domain name registration you should have a login and password and an associated URL to login to your domain management. Inside your personal domain management account, you should be able to view your domain registration expiry date and renewal options, manage your DNS settings for your domain, specify any domain name forwarding and update your domain ownership and contact details. If you do not have this control you should consider transferring your domain name to Aussie-Domains. You can initiate the domain name transfer yourself. If you are not confident following the automated process please contact us and we will be happy to assist you or activate your transfer with your permission.

Dont be fooled by some of the most well known domain registrars. Inflated and hidden prices, zero support. At ANSO we have real Australians to answer your support call. Our prices are both extremely competitive and clearly stated. Australian domains, 2 years, $88, register, transfer and renew.