Google and Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking high in Google’s natural (un-paid) search results is the most sought after position from an SEO perspective. In Australia, Google is the holy grail, and in most cases where most SEO energy should be spent. While the other two major Search Engines (Yahoo and MSN) can bring significant traffic to your site, statistics seem to indicate that for an Australian business the conversion rate for traffic to actual sales is usually much better from Google.

Whenever there is discussion about Google, the term Page Rank will almost always be a talking point. Page Rank applies only to Google, but is considered to be an important factor with regard to ranking high in the Google search results.

Page Rank is a ranking out of 10 for any specific domain or URL. PR 9 or 10 is a very exclusive club which includes only the largest technology organisations such as Google, Yahoo, Adobe, Microsoft and a handful of others. PR 7 or 8, will be almost untouchable to most in the world. This rank is still usually only obtained by very large organisations with daily traffic, such as major news papers. PR 5 or 6 would be the goal for most website owners. While this is achievable without being a major organisation, it will take a lot of work over a period of time, possibly years. A PR of 5 or 6 is well worth the effort and will be a significant advantage in ranking well in Google. PR 3 or 4 can be obtained with a considerable amount of work, but is absolutely realistic for any site no matter what its purpose.

While Google and Page Rank are by no means the only consideration in a Search Engine Optimisation campaign, it is the end goal in many cases. A well structured campaign can achieve valuable rankings in all of the major search engines, usually with quicker results in Yahoo and MSN.

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