Targeting Niches for Search Engine Optimisation

Internet search engine competition is fierce. The amount of potential customers searching for products and services is immense. Adding a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website can make a significant difference to your business sales. Just having a website no longer means you will get targeted visitors.

In most industries there will already be established competition, therefore to grow your business through search engine users requires research, strategy and a long term view. Immediate results are unrealistic, and any claims to this effect should be closely scrutinised due to possible negative effects on your website presence from bad practises.

It is your search engine optimisation campaign strategy that is most important. Due to the fierce competition mentioned above, you will often not get results through picking your most ideal search phrases to suit your business. Again this is due to established competition already having a head start. Niches are the key. By extending your prefered keywords to target more specific key phrases, such as adding your locality or getting product specific, you are more likely to get significant search results. While your amount of targetted visitors is less, you have a better chance of getting good rankings and the visitors you receive are more highly targetted, hopefully achieving a better conversion rate from visitors.

Over time, as traffic grows to your site and your general presence improves on the internet, the search engines will give you more credit for you website in general, using factors such as inbound links and Page Rank in Google’s case. With this improvement it becomes realistic to target more generic search phrases with your search optimisation campaign.

Logic says that you would not significantly change any pages that are getting traffic from specific niches, but add further pages where necessary to target more phrases. As always, if you intend to target niches in your industry, useful keyword rich content is the most important factor, so you will need to get specific and provide useful information on your products or services.

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