Search Engine Submission is Obsolete

Don’t be fooled by search engine submission services.

It is the word ‘submission’ that needs to be considered. Submission to search engines is no longer required for a well designed website. Todays search engines are working on a different level, their primary mode of aquision of new listings is by investigating links from other sites. If you have valuable content in your website, other websites will link to yours and lead the search engines to you. This is the ideal scenario, as a link to you is seen as a recommendation by search engines.
In order to just obtain a listing with the major search engines, one simple submission to a smaller free directory will generally suffice as the directory will be getting regularly crawled by the major search engines specifically for links to new sites.

Why do I say just a listing with the search engines?

The word ‘listing’ is the key, much the same as ‘submission’ above, a listing with search engines means the search engines have your website in their database, if you type into their search field, your website will be listed.
A listing with a search engine in no way means your site will appear in search results for specific search terms. Improving your rankings for search terms is known as Search Engine Optimisation. This is a combination of design and content related factors that enabe the search engines to give your site a high relevance for specific terms.
Having a listing in a search engine will not drive traffic to your site. Being found under targetted keywords is what will bring you valuable customers.

But I can get services to submit to hundreds or even thousands of search engines?

Realistically, the vast majority of the worlds internet search takes place through the three major engines. Google, Yahoo and MSN or their regional equivalents such as NineMSN and Yahoo7. There are few smaller engines with marginal traffic that can also be worth while, but that is it in the search industry. Submitting to hundreds of search engines is a futile exercise.
The major search engines are actually turning away from automated submission services these days, so while you think you are submitting to something valuable, it can hurt you with the majors, where you are most wanting success. The major search engines require direct interaction to be sucessful.

The Solution?

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There are no overnight fixes with search engines these days. It is a process that takes time and effort, but with the right campaign strategy the real results will come.