Website Page Titles

After the domain name, the web page title is given the most weight from search engines for keyword relevance. Therefore, after an appropriate domain name has been chosen, the next step is to define a title. Each different page of a website should have an individual title. The title of each page should be a one sentence description of that specific page. The main purpose of doing this from an SEO perspective is to define that each page has different content, therefore establishing each page of your site as an individual entry point for search engine users to find your site.

At times search engines will perform a “deep” crawl, meaning that it will drill deep into your site to map all of the website pages that it can find, or is allowed to find, and where it finds worthy content, will list each individual page into the search engine database. Keyword weighting on one page should then be listed as different in the SE for any other page, enabling your ability to be found in the SEs much greater for many more key phrases.

Targeting the best keyword in your title and content is the key. Keyword research is essential when optimising a website for search engines.

At ANSO we can help you to research the most beneficial keyword phrases for your website and develop appropriate titles and content to maximise your online exposure. It's the sum of all small things in Search Optimisation that makes the difference and it is our attention to detail that will maximise your benefits.