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Web Camera Systems

Monitor important assets from any internet connection, record construction projects, or deliver images directly to an online audience. Ideal for farming and mining applications, conservation and environment research, construction project time lapse recording as well as online marketing and live audience image delivery. more

LED SuperScreens

Slimline LED Panels
The latest technology LED Super Screens for all indoor and outdoor big screen video applications. LED SuperScreens can be watched from a wide viewing angle to accommodate large audiences in restricted viewing areas. Distance is not a problem, Superscreens are large enough and bright enough to be watched from almost any distance. They are also the only solution for outdoor situations or any area with high ambient light conditions.

At ANSO SuperScreens we can customise a Big Screen Video solution to meet your requirements. We have Super Screens to accommodate everything from static image digital signage up to high speed refresh for watching sports. more

Innovative Solutions

Systems integration & custom hardware development.

We talk HD IP cameras, mobile networks, solar power, web systems & websites, remote access, international & rapid deployment, custom hardware & mounting solutions, image and media delivery, data acquisition. more