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Good web hosting will allow you to not only access you web pages, but securely service all your email needs. A domain name is required so that the internet has an address for your web pages.  (eg.

With functional hosting you can create email addresses from your domain name to suit your needs.  (eg.

Emails can be one part of your hosting requirements, or you can have a domain name and hosting purely for the purpose of having email addresses without the need for a website. For email only purposes a small hosting plan is usually adequate.

An example of this would be our Aussie-Webhost “Basic” hosting plan which has 100mg of disk space and 1gig of bandwidth. Without a website this could be used for 10 email addresses of 10mb each of disk space. 10mb of space is generally plenty for an email account that is checked regularly. However, this is just a suggestion, as the 100mb of disk space can be allocated between accounts as required, such as two 20mb accounts and a number of 5mb accounts.

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