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On-Page Development SEO Services

Included with all design services provided by ANSO is a comprehensive on-page optimisation of appropriate pages in preparation for listing in search engines.

At ANSO we understand the importance of search engine rankings and the intricasies of integrating SEO with website design. There is no point having an award winning design for a website if it receives no visitors, and alternatively there is little use for large amounts of traffic to a poorly designed website. This is why our philosophy at ANSO is that design and SEO sholuld be an integrated process from the start.

SEO services included in all design work:

  • Titles : Keyword research and keyword weighting optimisation.
  • Meta Descriptions : Key phrase research and weighting optimisation.
  • Headings : Headings in a website are given prominence with keyword wieghting and should be optimised appropriately.
  • On-Page Text : Optimised for both human visitors and search engines to optimise rankings while not sacrificing readability.
  • ALT Image Tags : Used to strengthen keyword weighting while adhering to the intented purpose of the ALT tag.
  • Site Map : Essential for a search engine to be able to index every part of your site where required.
  • Search Engine Allowances : Known as the robots.txt file, this guides the search engine robots or crawlers to index and give weight to specific pages of your website.

Ongoing SEO services starting from $3000 per year.

There are many aspects to obtaining valuable search engine rankings and long term traffic growth for a website. Designing a website and doing the appropriate on-page optimisation of your web pages are only two aspects of achieving this goal. Ongoing attention is essential to growing your presence on the internet.

Although there are no guarantees of specific results due to the nature of the search engine industry, all of our techniques used in Search Engine Optimisation are in line with commonly agreed practise in the SEO industry. In most cases our SEO services are only available to websites designed by ANSO, as the design and initial on-page optimisation is essential before ongoing SEO will be effective, although we will happily discuss exceptions to this rule.

Starting from $3000 per year depending on the size of a website, the market and the goals, our ongoing SEO services include:

  • Major search engine listings (Google, Yahoo, MSN)
  • Relevant directory listings
  • Keyword targeting and review (3-4 words / phrases per page)
  • Inbound / Reciprocal Link Building
  • Text reviews and updates
  • Title and Meta Tag reviews and updates
  • Google Site Map submission
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search positioning reviews
  • Quarterly reports - traffic statistics review

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