.asn.au Domain Registration Conditions?

auDA (.au Domain Administration Limited) is the regulatory body and policy authority for the .au domain space. The auDA Published Policy (or Policies) are the authoritative source of the policy guidlines which are summarised below. The full (unabridged) guidlines may be viewed at auDA's website In order to register an asn.au domain name you must fall into one of the following six categories: 1) If you are an Australian Incorporated Association You must enter: (i) Your Incorporated association name; and (ii) State or Territory of registration; and (iii) Association Number 2) If you are an Australian Political Party You must enter: (i) Your Party Name 3) If you are an Australian trade union or organization under Workplace Relations Act 1996 You must enter: (i) Your Union or organization name; and (ii) Your Organization number 4) If you are an Australian Sporting or Special Interest Club You must enter: (i) Your Club name; and (ii) Your Club address; and (iii) Your Australian Business Number, if available (If you do not have an ABN, you must warrant to us that you are a club). Restrictions on .asn.au Domain Names There are certain restrictions on the .asn.au domain names you are allowed to purchase Your domain name must (i) Be an exact match of your association's name or, (ii) Be an abbreviation or acronym of your association's name or, (iii) Have a close and subtantial connection with your association's name. Examples of Close and Substantial Connections (i) A service that your association provides; or (ii) A program that registrant administers; or (iii) An vvent that registrant organises or sponsors; or (iv) An activity that registrant facilitates, teaches or trains; or (v) A venue that registrant operates; or (vi) A profession that registrant's members practise