Why does my recently registered Domain Name still appear to be available when I go to another Domain Name registration site and

If you check your Domain Name after you have completed the registration process for a .com, .net or .org Domain Name, your WhoIs Domain Name and Contact Information is available online immediately. If you are querying or searching for your newly registered .com, .net or .org Domain Name's availability through another Domain Name registration web site and receive a message "No match for domain 'tonismith.com'" it may simply be an indication that the registration web site you are visiting is not displaying the WhoIs information of competing accredited registrars. It does not mean that your Domain Name is still available for registration. If you were to actually attempt registering your new Domain Name through a competing registrar's site, you would receive a message stating, "tonismith.com is not available". This is an indication that the SRS (Shared Registration System) has an entry on file for the Domain Name (i.e., the Domain Name is already registered).