ANSO - Corporate Web Management Services


We offer a complete suite of integrated services to ensure your online investment reaches its full potential. We will guide you towards your goals and manage the day to day works involved with your large scale production website.

From web hosting and domain registration, search engine optimisation, web design, web application integration and online marketing. Ensure you get your setup right and your business gets the benefit.

Web Hosting – Maintenance of cPanel hosting portals for hosting subscriptions. Includes control over email setup, mutiplie domain parking, subdomain creation, backups, passwords, script loading and php modules, MySQL databases and much more. Quarterly statistics reports of traffic, links and usaged are provided with this service.

Domain Registration – We maintain our own domain registration portals to ensure the most functionality at the best possible value. Our domain services allow complete control for any serious setup, including control over renewal notifications, nameserver definitions, forwarding, SSL certificates and all registration, transfer and renewal details.

Email Marketing – Marketing of businesses via email is becoming an essential part of creating a web presence. Having automated email subscription services as part of your website can create a marked improvement in product awareness, repeat customers and sales. Relax knowing your email collection system is completely compliant and fully automated. A quality periodical newsletter, with professionally designed templates can constantly help to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing – If you intend for your site to be found in the worlds premier search engines, ongoing work will need to be applied for the life of your website. With the incredible growth of the internet, obtaining a position in search engine results where people will find you is getting harder every day against fierce competition. There are generally no quick fixes with obtaining traffic to your site unless you are able to throw money at it in the form of Pay-Per-Click, but even then if the money stops the traffic will also stop. So if you are wanting long term realistic growth in traffic for your site ongoing optimisation for generic search results is your aim.

Some of the basic aspects of what should be maintained at a minimum are described below, while there are many other factors involved to obtain serious high traffic results.

  • Correct Title and Meta Tags of every page with ongoing review.
  • Robots definitions for specifying actions by Search Engine Crawlers.
  • Regular Search Engine submissions, to ensure that your site remains at it best possible listing or rank.
  • Regular review of listings, monitoring of position against competition.
  • Submission of Google SiteMaps.
  • Links review and ongoing inbound link building.
  • Regular statistics review.

Custom Web Design reviews and upgrades – For any successful website wishing to generate repeat visitors, it is essential that the site remains fresh and up to date. It is no longer acceptable to have a website that doesn’t change for years, and to be taken seriously in such a competitive world as the internet, updates are simply essential. Any business needs to evolve to stay in their market and the first place that evolution should be shown is online. A website should grow and change in line with the website purpose.

Web Development and Application Integration – More than just promoting a positive business profile, a website can enhance functionality and control to a business via site forums, product catalogues, E-Commerce modules, backend business management portals, customer relationship management and a whole lot more. The internet opens a wealth of business streamlining opportunities and enhancements.

From a Search Engine Optimisation point of view, site updates are an important part of ranking well in search engines, as update frequency and content growth will be taken into consideration for rankings.

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