Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing and Payment Terms

Australian domain names ( & can be registered for $77 per 2 year period. While most global domain names (.com & .net) can be registered starting from $18 per year.

All renewal and transfer prices are equal to the current registration prices. Where we register and manage your domain names, a management fee applies.

To register domain names using a creit card and manage them yourself, please visit our Australian Dollar domain portal at

Only credit card payments for domain name registrations and renewals are accepted.
In order to register a Domain Name, a valid credit card is currently the means of payment accepted. Before your Domain Name becomes active your credit details must be approved. This enhances the availability of Domain Names by preventing them from being tied up by persons not intending to pay for them.
To change billing information login to your account and go to the Modify Contact Details function in Manage Domain. You can make changes to your credit card information, billing address, email address and credit card information.
No. Your billing contact information, including your credit card type, account number, and expiration date, will remain private and confidential. The privacy of customers is respected. We will not make your billing information publicly available or include it in WhoIs records. To view our Privacy Policy see our website.
Billing information associated with each Domain Name can be different or identical. You can assign the same billing contact to all Domain Names or one billing contact for all.
No. Your payment cannot be refunded. Under the service agreement, you own the Domain Name for the term you specified in the registration process. To refer to the Service Agreement see our website.