What is WhoIs

If a Domain Name is already registered, a WhoIs search will give you the details of whom it is registered to. If it is not registered no details will come up this it is an available registration. Each registrar is responsible for creating and maintaining a WhoIs database for their customers.
All registrars are required to create and maintain a database containing all information on customer's Domain Names. This information is available to the public on a WhoIs site. Customers can query this database online by conducting a WhoIs search. The information we are required to display in a WhoIs Result page: The Domain Name The IP addresses of the Primary and Secondary Server Original Creation Date of Registration Expiration date of Registration Name and Postal Address of the Registrant Name and Postal Address of Technical Contact
The WhoIs information provides detailed information about an existing registered Domain Name in the registrar's database. It displays all relevant information pertaining to the Domain Name. If a query is entered for a domain name that does not exist in the registrar's database, the query will check for the existence of Domain Names in other Registrars databases through the InterNIC WhoIs service, and the results are displayed. The Domain Search will simply check on the availability of registering a Domain Name. If a Domain Name is taken it will not display the Domain Name information.
No. The Billing contact information will not be made publicly available.