Domain Name Contact Details

The legal owner of a Domain Name is the individual or company whose name is listed at the time of registration. The owner or registrant remains the owner of a Domain Name regardless of whether the administrative contact has been changed since then. The only way to legally change the ownership of a Domain Name is to undergo a Transfer of Domain Name. To review the Transfer of Domain Name Policies, please see our website.
When you register a Domain Name you are required to nominate the administrative, technical and billing contacts for your domain. These contacts can be individuals other than the owner. Once you have nominated your domain contacts, each contact will receive an email with their member ID. They will be prompted to visit the website where they have an option to change their password.
This person is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the owner and perform most domain management functions on behalf of the owner. The administrative contact is also the person or organization that answers legal questions about the Domain Name. Generally the owner or an authorized person from your company is the administrative contact.
The person or organization that makes technical decisions about the Domain Name. This is the person who handles the technical aspects of your domain, such as hosting your web site as well as making decisions regarding IP addresses, and authoritative name servers for the Domain Name.
The person or organization that is invoiced for registration and renewals. This is the person who is responsible for initial and recurring billing for the Domain Name. Keep in mind that it is very important to keep your billing information up to date.
The domain contacts need to become members to be able to access the domain management functions and make changes to your Domain Name. Otherwise their access privileges will be restricted. For example, the Billing contact will need to renew the Domain Name. They need to login to be able to do this.
Go to Manage Domains and login to your account with your Username and Password. Select modify contact details and then click the Modify Contacts button to to edit the contact details.
If the email addresses associated to the administrative, technical and billing contact are no longer valid or aren't functioning, authorization is required from the Domain Name owner to change the information. The owner must login to Manage Domains and change the email addresses for the administrative, technical and billing contact respectively.
If you are unsure whether you have been nominated as the administrative, technical or billing contact for any Domain Names registered, please go to Member ID lookup to find out.