Frequently Asked Questions - Member Identification and Passwords

Each member is provided with a unique key called the Member ID. A Member ID is generated for the Domain Name owner as well as the administrative, technical and billing contacts. Knowing the Member ID of a domain contact provides the owner a shortcut during the registration process.
The member ID for the owner is created automatically during registration for a Domain Name. After the registration process is complete the owner will receive an email with the member ID along with their registration details. The Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts that were nominated by the owner are also emailed their member ID's. They may visit the website to change their password if they wish.
If you are the Owner, Administrative, Technical or Billing contact for a Domain Name you will have a member ID as well as a username and password. If you have forgotten your member ID or are not sure if you have one then go to member ID lookup to find out.
Member ID lookup will perform a lookup on all Member ID's if you enter either a last name or a company name. If a match is found, a Member ID, Registrant name and email address will be displayed. Knowing your member ID can help you: It provides you a shortcut during the registration process; and If you have forgotten your password knowing your Member ID and answering your prompt question will retrieve it.
Your username is unique. All members are asked to provide a username and password. You need a username and password for two (2) reasons: 1. To maintain the security of your account. It will ensure that no unauthorized parties can access your Domain Name information. To access Member Management and Manage Domains Functions that will enable you to effectively make amendments to your Domain Name. Eg. changing contact details etc. 2. You can only access member management and domain management once you have entered your username and password. The username and password is a secure method of keeping your domain name details private.
In addition to a providing username and password, members are also asked to provide a prompt question and answer. This adds an extra level of security to your Domain Name information. Only you should know the answer to your to your prompt question. In the event that you forget your password your prompt question will be asked. If you answer it correctly your password will be emailed to you and you will gain access to your Domain Name information. For example: Prompt Question: What is my favourite colour? Prompt Answer: Blue.
Yes, Login to your account and go to member services. Select change password from the menu. You will then be able to change your password and prompt question.
Go to Remember Password. Your password will be emailed to you if: You know either your Member ID or Username; and You can answer your prompt question.